A badger hair shaving brush is a small brush having a handle parallel to the bristles, and it is utilized to apply shaving cream or shaving soap to the face when shaving. The handles of these brushes are sometimes made from fine materials like ivory and gold, and the bristle load could be made from a badger's hair, sporting a more decorative look. These days, this shaving brush is being used popularly by wet shavers, together with a double-edged safety razor or the traditional open razor.

Origins Of The Badger Hair Shaving Brush

The badger hair shaving brush originated in France during the 18th century. Referred to as a blaireau (French for 'badger'), the materials that were utilized for the handles would vary from the ordinary to the most bizarre, thus affecting the quality of the brushes. Handles were commonly made of gold, silver, crystal and ivory, with the more expensive types using badger's hair for the bristles. Modern shaving brushes closely resemble their predecessors, in terms of composition, function and appearance. The rise of 'wet shaving' today has increased the demand of utilizing sturdier brushes.

Benefits Of Using Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Considering the sensitivity of the face, a badger hair shaving brush is the best option when it comes to shaving, as compared to other types of brushes which make use of nylon or boar's hair. This shaving brush is preferred by a lot of men, mainly because it holds water quite well, is made of solid materials, and more importantly, its bristles' gentle feel on the skin. So, when it comes to shaving, the badger hair shaving brush is perhaps the best tool for the job: perfect for making and holding a generous lather, possessing unsurpassed durability, and just being firm enough to do the job without feeling rough on the skin. This kind of brush truly leaves the face feeling gently massaged.